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What I´ve Done world premiere

Mike na message boardu Linkin Park zmínil o světové premiéře What I´ve Done.

I saw that thread about some of you guys waiting for a premier of the song yesterday...I don't know how that rumor really started, but i wanted you to know the real date to look forward to!

On APRIL 2nd, we will be premiering the single for What I've Done. you will also get your first look at the album cover, and the song will be up on ITunes and other music stores soon after.

as usual, please remember that the news section of LP.com is the most reliable place to get your LP news!

see you soon


Takže zkráceně Mike připoměl, že What I´ve Done vyjde 2. dubna a bude k dispozici na iTunes nebo podobných portálech s hudbou...=) už se to blííížííííí...mmmm...
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